Are you considering selling your home?

There is no cost for us to help you understand your options. We are happy to review the recent comparable sales, tour the current listings, compare them to your home, and provide you with an approximate value that your home will likely sell for in today’s market. We will also have the title company create an Estimated Seller Net Sheet to help you understand the costs associated with the sale of your home and what proceeds you will receive from a successful sale.

Preparing your home for sale is very important, especially in today’s market with tentative buyers. We will create a checklist of items for you to consider accomplishing to maximize the return on the sale of your home. We also have a list of our preferred vendors (contractors, painters, flooring, landscaping, etc) should you need them. We appreciate that every seller’s objectives are different. You may decide to spend time and money to increase your return, or you may prefer to sell your property as is. There are buyers for every property.

Click here for a list of recommended home improvement contractors.

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